DNR To Conduct Prescribed Burns At Numerous Wildlife Complexes Throughout NW Iowa In Coming Weeks

Tue 3-24-2020

(Undated)-- The Iowa Department of Natural Resources will be conducting prescribed burns in a number of areas of northwest Iowa between April 1st and May 20th.

The agency says the burning will be done in wildlife complexes in Buena Vista, Cherokee, Clay, Dickinson, Emmet, Kossuth, O'Brien and Palo Alto counties.

The DNR says the areas are typically burned every 1 to 5 years if possible with the areas varying in size from a few acres to several hundred acres to help improve habitat for nesting birds and reinvigorate native plants.

Areas to be burned in Dickinson county are as follows:

·         Spring Run Wetlands Complex WMA’s, east of M56 and 190th ST near Prairie Lake and south of HWY 9 and 270th Ave.  

·         Cayler / Santee Prairie Wildlife Complex WMA’s,  south of HWY 9 and 3 miles east of HWY 86

·         Diamond Lake Wetlands Complex WMA,  1 mile west of HWY 86

·         Dugout Creek & Yager Slough Wetlands Complex WMA’s, east of M27 and 170th ST and along M34

·         Jemmerson Slough Wetland Complex WMA’s, 1.5 miles north of HWY 9

·         Kettleson Hogsback Wetland Complex WMA’s,  SW of Marble Lake and SE of Grovers Lake

·         Hales Slough Wetlands Complex WMA’s, 1 mile east of Big Spirit Lake

·         Christopherson Sough Wetlands Complex WMA’s,  ½ mile east of N22 and along 110th St. and 320th Ave.

·         Center Lake Wetlands Complex WMA’s, west of Center Lake and along 220th Ave.

·         Garlock Slough Wetlands Complex WMA’s, ½ mile from Emmerson Bay to the south along HWY 86 and east of Lakeside Labs and HWY 86

·         West Okoboji Wetlands Complex WMA’s, ½ mile West of Okoboji View Golf Course

WMA Burn Schedule O’Brien & Cherokee Counties  

  • Waterman Prairie Wildlife Complex WMA’s,  areas north and south of HWY 10, 5 miles west of Peterson and 4 miles east and south of Sutherland.

Areas scheduled for prescribed burns in Clay county are High Bridge, Tom Tuttle, Little Sioux, Hawk Valley, Fen Valley, Elk Lake Wetland Complex, Dan Green Slough Wetland Complex and Barringer Slough Wetland Complex; Deweys Pasture Wetland Complex and West Fork in Palo Alto County; Iowa Lake Marsh Wetland Complex, Ingham High Wetland Complex, Bur Oak Lake Wetland Complex, Twelve Mile Lake Wetland Complex, East Swan, Iowa Lake, Anderson Prairie, Four Mile Lake Wetland Complex and Ryan Lake in Emmet County; Goose Lake Wetland Complex, Stateline Marsh Wetland Complex and Seneca in Kossuth County; and Pickerel Lake Wetland Complex in Buena Vista County.