DNR To Begin Treatment For Curly Leaf Pond Weed On Portions Of East Lake Okoboji & Lower Gar Mid-Week Or So

Mon 5-7-2018

            (Orleans)-- Crews with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources will begin chemical treatment of curly leaf pond weed on the north end of East Lake Okoboji around the middle of the week, if conditions allow. That word from Mike Hawkins, a fisheries biologist with the DNR...Curly Leaf Treatment01 

            "It's done by boat. The herbicide is actually applied under water, and it only takes a few hours to do the treatment that we're doing."

Hawkins says the herbicide being used won't be detrimental to the native vegetation in the lakes...Curly Leaf Treatment02 

"The treatment that we're doing is specifically for curly leaf pond weed. Our native aquatic plants, which we don't want to harm, are not germinated yet. So this particular treatment will only affect the curly leaf pond weed and it should, in the areas where it's treated, it should knock it out for the year. But it does only last one year."

Hawkins adds the product that's being used will have no impact on recreational or other activities...Curly Leaf Treatment03 

"The product name is Aquathol K. Anybody can look up that EPA label that's on that product. There are no restrictions for fishing or recreational use, primary contact, even right after the product is applied to the water. It does break down very quickly with maybe only four to five days and the product is broken down. We're going to be a long ways away from any kind of source water intake. Even though the product is labeled for use on drinking water source lakes, we're going to be approximately five miles from any intake. Just want to alleviate some concerns there. If anybody has questions they certainly give us a call and I can get more in depth with them."

The herbicide treatment will be used on a 10-acre path in the north bay of East Lake Okoboji and another 10-acre swath in Lower Gar Lake. It is in addition to some mechanical removal of curly leaf pond weed that will also be done again this year on portions of East Lake Okoboji.

Funding for the project is through state resources designated for boating access and navigation along with matching funds from the East Okoboji Lakes Improvement Corporation and the city of Orleans.