DNR Says Spill In Storm Lake Should Not Have Significant Impact On Water quality

Mon 3-28-2016 []

(Storm Lake)-- The Iowa Department of Natural Resources says the impact of a spill of an industrial cleaner late last week into Storm Lake is believed to have had only a very minimal effect on the lake. The agency says a small amount of industrial cleaner at the Tyson-Hillshire plant reached a storm sewer that flows into Storm Lake Friday afternoon. Officials say the cleaner, which was mixed from a powder, covered a 40-foot by 200-foot area and was supposed to go to the plant’s wastewater system. Instead, they say equipment problems caused the fluid to run across a parking lot to a rain garden, where eventually some of it got into the storm sewer. The DNR says test results showed PH levels that indicated the cleanser was diluted enough to not have any adverse affects to water quality.    

The company placed sandbags to reduce the flow of the fluid to the storm sewer and pumped water from the rain garden Friday evening to return to the facility’s wastewater treatment system.