DNR: Resist Temptation To Help Young Animals In The Wild

Mon 5-4-2020

(Orleans)-- Spring is a very special time in the wild, with many animals giving birth right now. And it's common to see those babies when you're out in nature. Steve Reighard, an enforcement officer with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, says if you happen to see a baby animal by itself, you should resist any temptation to try to help them or pick them up...Reighard & Baby Animals 

"A lot of the geese are hatching right now. I've seen baby raccoons, baby owls; it won't be too much longer and deer will be fawning. And a lot of times, you know, adults leave the little ones to go get something to eat and the little one will wander off a little ways away from where they're supposed to be, but mama will come and get them and bring them back. So if you come across any wild babies, just leave them be. A lot of times mama may even be watching from a distance. It's kind of falsitive that kids touch them and get human scent on them they'll never come back. That's false. The mamas will come back. There are times when something will happen to one of the mothers, they get hit by a car or something like that. If something like that does happen feel free to give me a call. I'll get them to a wildlife rehabilitator. But most of the time if you come across one just let it be. If you want to take a quick picture that's fine, but just let it be. Mama's probably watching and mama will be back."

Reighard says the peak time for wild animals to be delivering their young will continue over the next several weeks.