DNR Drawing Down Water Level On West Hottes Lake

Tue 6-9-2020

(Orleans)-- The Iowa Department of Natural Resources announced today (Tues.) the water level of West Hottes Lake is being drawn down about 18 inches.

The DNR says the action is being taken to improve aquatic vegetation after consecutive years of high water levels and flooding. 

The shallow lake serves as a nursery area for fish and provides wildlife habitat. It also has stands of bulrushes providing water quality benefits to Big Spirit Lake and the Iowa Great Lakes. 

West Hottes Lake is also popular among kayakers, bird watchers and waterfowl hunters.

Chris LaRue, a wildlife biologist with the Iowa DNR, says the level will be raised later this summer in time for duck season in the fall. 

The DNR says Marble Lake, Diamond Lake, East Hottes Lake, Prairie Lake and Pleasant Lake are also good option for paddlers.