Diver Who Nearly Drowned Last Week On West Lake Okoboji Gives His Rescuer Something Special

Mon 6-1-2020

(Okoboji)-- We now know the name of the Missouri man who nearly drowned last week on West Lake Okoboji.

Jesse Fletchall was diving Thursday with 17-year-old Calvin Grosvenor of Okoboji when Fletchall suffered a medical condition that resulted in him having a seizure while the two were in 30 feet of water just off from where The Inn used to be. Calvin was able to get Fletchall to the surface and swam him some 100 yards to shore where he got him on a dock and performed CPR. Fletchall was resuscitated and was taken to Lakes Regional Healthcare. He was then transferred to a Sioux Falls hospital. Fetchall has since recovered and has been released from the hospital.

Saturday, Fletchall and members of his family came to Okoboji to personally thank Calvin. Fletchall gave Calvin a charm he carried with him on his dives along with some new scuba gear. All just in time for Calvin's 18th birthday, which was Sunday. 

Jose Barber, Calvin's dive instructor and owner of the Okoboji Dive Shop, was also on hand for the occasion.