Dickinson Supervisors Review Report On County Bridges

Thu 10-12-2017

            (Spirit Lake)-- The condition of several bridges in Dickinson county was a topic of discussion at Tuesday's board of supervisors meeting. County Engineer Dan Eckert presented the supervisors with the findings of a recently conducted report into the conditions of the county's bridges. It shows there are six bridges that are now rated as structurally deficient. Eckert tells KUOO news that comes as no surprise given the age of some of them...Bridge Report01 

            "We just got our 2017 bridge reports in and there's a reduction in the deficiency ratings and therefore the postings of the bridges and such. What it basically is a lot of our bridges were in that '50's and '60's vintage, especially over on the river, and typically that design used wood timber pile and it's just a matter of that wood timber pile on the abutments is getting old and deteriorating and so the structural value is going down as well."

Eckert says the county is working to address the matter. He says that number has been whittled down since the report was completed...Bridge Report02 

"One of those bridges we just closed and are working with the Natural Heritage Foundation on 110th street, and another one we just eliminated this summer, so I believe you're right, we probably are down to four that are open to the public at this point."

Another, known as the Horseshoe Bend bridge southwest of Milford, is scheduled for replacement next year. The supervisors this week reviewed preliminary plans for that project as we reported previously.

Dickinson is among the county's in northwest Iowa with the fewest bridges deemed structurally deficient. Plymouth county has the most, 132. Osceola county has the fewest at two.

Structurally deficient bridges are posted with weight restrictions.