Dickinson Supervisors Hear Plans For Wetland Project Near Christopherson Slough

Wed 5-16-2018

            (Spirit Lake)-- The Dickinson County Board of Supervisors Tuesday approved plans for a wetland restoration project near Christopherson Slough in the extreme northeastern corner of Dickinson county. Chris LaRue of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources presented the plans for the project...LaRue01 

            "Basically it's just a small wetland restoration project that will be a five acre basin design down there immediately adjacent to Christopherson Slough for water quality and reducing sediment delivery to the area and just a good little project that will obviously provide more migratory bird habitat as well too. And this will also help out the Des Moines River? Yes, I mean anything that we restore in that immediate watershed, it's down at the lower end, of course that water all goes north out of Christopherson Slough up to the Des Moines River so it will definitely help with some water quality benefits long term."

LaRue says work on the project likely won't get started until late summer or early fall...LaRue02 

"It's going to take awhile for things to obviously dry up this spring yet, so. And how is the project being funded? This particular project has got a lot of Fish and Wildlife federal funding in it, and it also has some North American Wetland Conservation Act grant monies that's in it to do the restoration."

Emmet county officials have also signed off on the project, since some of it lies within that county as well.

LaRue also outlined plans for constructing a 3.9 acre wetland basin in the Superior Marsh area which is managed by the Dickinson County Conservation Board. He says the $9,000 project will be funded with some leftover money from another project that was funded through a North American Wetland Conservation Act grant.