Dickinson Supervisors Have Mixed Reactions To Outcome Of Monday Meeting

Tue 8-28-2018

(Spirit Lake)-- Dickinson county supervisors have mixed reactions when it comes to Monday's meeting with various entities regarding disposal of oil contaminated materials at the Dickinson County Landfill. Supervisor Tim Fairchild questions just what was accomplished during the two-hour session, saying what's needed is a change in laws...Meeting Reaction01 

"They followed the laws that are in place. If we're worried about it then we need to effectively change on that law. But these meetings are, I mean, frankly they're fruitless. They really are. I hate to be so blunt, but they're a total waste of time. It makes us feel better, it makes our constituents feel better because we're listening, but there's nothing that we could have done that would have changed the outcome of anything that happened. No matter what material they're dumping, they're following the law."

Fellow supervisor Mardi Allen differed with Fairchild. She said the fact that all of the entities were represented at Monday's meeting says something, adding the supervisors were able to directly express their frustrations with them over what happened...Meeting Reaction02 

"One of the last things I said to them before they left the room is let's not let this happen again. Meaning why should we all have to be here way after the fact?"

The supervisors made their comments at their meeting this (Tues.) morning.