Dickinson Supervisors Discuss Final Cost Of Environmental Study

Wed 8-14-2019

(Spirit Lake)-- A scientific study into material contaminated in a train derailment in June of 2018 near Doon that was taken to the landfill east of Arnolds Park has now been completed, but what exactly will be done with the findings isn't known yet.

The study was done at the direction of the Dickinson County Board of Supervisors who hired a firm to gather the data. The cost of the study was not to exceed $10,000. The firm was directed to seek approval from the supervisors in the event it was going to exceed that amount. The board learned Tuesday the final cost was a little more than $18,700.

The supervisors contend they were never notified the final total was going to exceed the capped amount. They voted Tuesday to pay just the $10,000 amount that was originally agreed to.