Dickinson Supervisors Approve Sale Of County Owned Land For Proposed Shooting Range

Tue 11-28-2017

          (Spirit Lake)-- The Dickinson county board of supervisors today approved the sale of some county-owned land near a gravel pit southeast of Lake Park for a proposed archery, trap and skeet range.

           The supervisors voted 5-0 to approve the sale following a public hearing that did draw some opposition. A letter in opposition of the proposed new range, cited concern over potential impacts an additional facility in the county would have on the existing range operated by the Izaak Walton League and that the county's population isn't enough to sustain two facilities. Proponents of an additional range say shooting sports are increasing in popularity and that having an additional facility in the county would give enthusiasts more opportunities. Opponents also expressed environmental concerns over possible lead contamination on ground near the Little Sioux River. Rick Kalsow, who's leading efforts to put in the facility, addressed that, saying the lead would be re-claimed on a regular basis.

The land, which has an appraised value of about $125,000, will be purchased for $95,000. A stipulation was attached to the agreement today (Tues.) to allow the county to first mine some newly discovered gravel on the site for a year before any construction of the gun club could start. That language will be added to a purchase agreement the supervisors will formerly consider at their next meeting. 

In other business, the supervisors expressed a consensus to not put some land the county recently purchased for a future gravel pit under an agricultural lease. Most of that land is currently being overseen by the county conservation board as a public access and hunting area. A small parcel contains some remnant prairie land. 

The supervisors also approved a request from the County Engineer to purchase a little more than three-quarters of an acre of land adjacent to the county's shop in Milford for $25,000, along with the cost of updating the abstract. Future plans call for the construction of a storage facility on that site. 

(This story is a clarification from a previous version that associated a letter of opposition with the Izaak Walton League. While the letter mentioned the organization, the Izaak Walton League did not author it.)