Dickinson Supervisors Approve Pay App & Hear Update On Francis Sites Project; Hear Request For Funding From Silver Lake Improvement Association

Tue 11-17-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- Dickinson County Supervisors this (Tues.) morning approved a second pay application for the Francis Sites wetland & drainage project in the amount of $187,790. They also heard an update on the project from John Hite of Beck Engineering which is overseeing the work for the county...supervisors111701 

"We have about, I would say, probably 80 percent of the storm sewer infrastructure installed. The critical storm sewer infrastructure is in the stuff that crosses Francis Site Road that is our main outlet for the wetland has been installed and will be backfilled this week. Continuing to do, dirt work, we're roughly 80 to 90 percent completed with dirt work. The contractor has renewed his commitment to substantial completion this fall with the intent to come back next spring and kind of do the button up, wrapping up, cleaning up items that unfortunately kind of the frost will prevent us from doing this winter. The next critical step in the project will be making sure we stabilize and secure all the exposed soil throughout the spring and the winter there, so."

In other business, the supervisors heard a request for funding from Seth Hellinga of the Silver Lake Improvement Corporation to assist with a $5.2 million dollar restoration of Silver Lake. Supervisor Chairman Bill Leupold expressed concern over what he says could be a possible precedence should the county contribute, saying it instead should go through the Water Quality Commission...supervisors111702 

"I guess it's a slippery slope area with me. When SLPA comes and they want, OPA comes, East Lake comes, East Okoboji comes, that's why I like it all stuffed together under water quality, where they can get the grant."

Supervisor Kim Wermersen, who represents the county on the Silver Lake Improvement Association differed...supervisors111703 

"I understand what you're saying but I certainly think that's not meeting the needs of all that's happening. Or we wouldn't have the need for a 780 position over there. I mean there's just a lot of things that I think could help make a difference with that lake and I think our lakes here are a rich resource for us and we can't ignore that."

No action was taken on the request which will be considered during upcoming budget talks.

The supervisors pleaded with residents to abide by Governor Reynolds newest mandates. Supervisor Wermersen said the situation is critical...supervisors111704 

"I had a lengthy conversation with Jason Harrington, the CEO at the hospital, and our hospital beds are full. The healthcare system is being stretched and they're concerned and they need our help. And I know we've got neighbors who are sitting in cars in food lines waiting to get boxed food. So we have neighbors that need our help. So now more than ever, we just have to respect the fact that we need to wear masks, we need to social distance, we need to stay away from those gatherings and I think it's going to make a huge difference for us in the months to come."

The supervisors also today awarded a bid on the Horseshoe Bend Bridge replacement project to Graves Construction of Spencer for a little more than $2.5 million.