Dickinson Supervisors Approve LID Maintenance Agreement; Approve Purchase Of Real Estate With Contingency Attached

Tue 2-5-2019

(Spirit Lake)-- The Dickinson County Board of Supervisors this (Tues.) morning voted to approve a 28E agreement with the county's Conservation Board to maintain various low impact development projects around the county as well as the Francis Sites Wetland area, once that project is completed. Supervisor Pam Jordan, who was present at today's meeting via telephone, said having such an agreement in place is overdue...Jordan01 

"Our role as the county is to pay for engineering type stuff that needs to be done in the way of maintenance. So in other words whatever Lee's group can't do because they don't have the right equipment or expertise, then we'll get together and talk about, okay, who do we hire to go in there with a backhoe or whatever needs to be done, and generally those are engineering things."

Jordan added the county's Conservation Board is already starting to reorganize some personnel in light of the extra duties...Jordan02 

"And they are already planning to re-assign duties and actually hire an extra person. You know they're in the process of acquiring some significant land donations and they're just simply going to need more boots on the ground to take care of this extra real estate we'll be getting."

Jordan didn't elaborate on what that would be, and Lee Sorenson, Director of the Dickinson County Conservation Board, is out of town and was not present at today's meeting.

In other business, the supervisors approved the purchase of the former Paul's Body Shop building and an adjoining lot south of the courthouse for $165,000. The purchase is contingent upon the findings of an environmental study that will be done on the site. The Supervisors also approved an agreement with the Geo Tech firm to do that study at a cost not to exceed $4,100. The firm will need to come back to the supervisors for anything exceeding that amount.