Dickinson Supervisors Agree To Further Research Concept Of Countywide Comprehensive Land Use Plan

Tue 8-14-2018

(Spirit Lake)-- The Dickinson County Board of Supervisors today (Tues.) seemed receptive to further exploring the possibility of a countywide comprehensive land use plan. The idea was first brought to the table by Terry Lutz of McClure Engineering, an entity that's involved in Imagine Iowa Great Lakes, the organization behind a multi-million dollar beautification of the lakes corridor. David Kohlhaase, the County's Planning and Zoning Coordinator, told the supervisors he would be in favor of countywide long-term planning...Kohlhaase01 

"I mean we have 10 communities in Dickinson county and we have a lot of rural areas and even though we're going to experience more development in the core, we still have to take into consideration all of the other activities of all the other communities and have them be a part of this. Roles, duties and responsibilities of the Planning and Zoning Commission are many, and one is the comprehensive plan. In talking with other communities their ordinances are similar to ours. They would still have their individual comprehensive plan, that would be the tool that they would use to make their decisions. But the other tool that they would use if this would come about would be that direction of everyone working together and seeing what direction, etcetera, everything would go."

Kohlhaase said the group's make-up would be very diverse...Kohlhaase02 

"You know this group could possibly be representatives of P & Z's from all of the communities. It could be a council person, a supervisor, different groups and organizations. So with that this group could be large and involved."

The supervisors voted unanimously to contact the cities to gauge their support of such a proposal. They also directed Kohlhaase to contact the Northwest Iowa Planning and Development Commission, which has drafted comp plans for most cities in the county, to request a cost proposal for overseeing such an effort. Kohlhaase was also directed to contact Lutz and McClure Engineering to see if they would be interested in assisting the Northwest Iowa Planning and Development Commission.