Dickinson Supers. Consider COVID-Related Requests; Hear Concern Over Speeding In Moore Lake/Twin Hills/Kelly's Beach Area

Tue 9-8-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- The public will now have another way of getting into the Dickinson County Courthouse. Up until now under the re-opening with COVID-19 guidelines, only the west door of the facility has been open to the public. Today (Tues.), the Board of Supervisors authorized opening doors on the east side of the building to the public. Tables will be present with hand sanitizer and face masks. County officials say it should help reduce traffic going into the facility from the west entrance.

On another COVID-related matter, County Auditor Lori Pederson requested the Supervisors meeting room be used for in-person absentee voting for the upcoming election. She says they're anticipating a big increase in people voting absentee in-person and that they're concerned the Elections Room in the Auditor's Office isn't big enough to accommodate social distancing...Supervisors090801 

"I think we're going to see more people wanting to come because I think they're scared with all the hype that's going on. I thought, you know, in the beginning we would just see record numbers of absentee, which right now we have about 2,000 and we have about three more weeks to go but I think we're going to see a lot of in person here at the courthouse."

The supervisors agreed with the request and will move their meetings entirely to Zoom from October 5th through November 2nd.

In other business, the supervisors heard a request from the Moore Lake/Twin Hills/Kelly's Beach Association regarding speeding concerns on 182nd Street. The group is requesting some additional signs be installed. The association would be willing to purchase the signs and is asking the county to install them. Supervisor Kim Wermersen said he's concerned over how effective they would be...Supervisors090802 

"But I'd hate to see you guys invest in these flashing signs at two to five thousand bucks a pop that don't make a difference and then it's back on the county to maintain them, I'm not sure it's achieving what you want done."

There was also some concern the additional signs could set a precedence with other developments in the county.

The supervisors also discussed a possible request that could be coming from Osceola county to extend a 28E agreement under which Dickinson County Engineer Dan Eckert is currently working part time in that county which is looking for a new engineer. While nothing formal has been presented yet by Osceola county, Eckert says there's a possibility they could be requesting the agreement be extended until January 1st. Supervisor Kim Wermersen expressed some concern over an extended agreement...Supervisors090803 

"I don't want to spread him so thin and get him worn out, either, because it comes to that point as well. And I'm not sure we're going to see an end to this."

No action was taken on the matter.

The supervisors also approved a recommendation from the county's Veteran's Affairs Commission to hire Jennifer Bengs as the county's Veterans Affairs Commissioner. She's been serving in that capacity on an interim basis.