Dickinson County Water Quality Commission Awards More Than $300,000 In Grants

Thu 12-20-2018

(Spirit Lake)-- The Dickinson County Water Quality Commission has awarded a little more than $300,000 in grants for various clean water projects in the Silver Lake, Iowa Great Lakes and Little Swan Lake watersheds.

Spokesman John Wills tells KUOO news a portion of the money that was awarded is the result of a new partnership with the state...Water Quality Commission Grants01 

"This year we awarded seven projects funding, but we had to do that through an arrangement with the Iowa DNR because we only had enough money to fund really two of them up front, but the Iowa DNR the last three years has partnered with us and helped us out, so rather than $200,000 we were actually able to fund $305,000 worth of projects."

Wills adds the program is designed to get a lot of bang for the buck...Water Quality Commission Grants02 

"Over the last 17 years of the Water Quality Commission we have funded right around $3.3 million of local dollars, local funding, but in return we've brought in about $33 million in outside funding and that comes from the state, federal and other sources. So it's really a good project or good program for bringing match dollars and other dollars into the county."

The following grant awards were made for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2019:

To East Okoboji Lakes Improvement Corporation

For Francis Sites Storm Water Wetland Construction   

$100,000 of which 88,574 comes from Iowa DNR and 11,426 comes from the Water Quality Commission

To Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation

For North Spirit Lake Property

$93,574 Water Quality Commission

To Dickinson Soil and Water Conservation District

For Shoreline Protection

$30,000 Water Quality Commission

To Dickinson Soil and Water Conservation District

     For Watershed Management Authority Planning

     $10,000 Water Quality Commission

To Okoboji Protective Association

     For Aquatic Invasive Species

     $25,000 Water Quality Commission

To Mineyata Park Lot Owners

     For Papoose and Hiawatha Parks Improvements

     $13,954 Iowa DNR

To Silver Lake Park Improvement Association

     For Watershed Sampling

     $3,000 Iowa DNR

In addition, the Water Quality Commission will contribute $30,000 towards the Clean Water Alliance for staff and other activities the Clean Water Alliance does in the watersheds of Dickinson County. 

The Commission was established in 2001.