Dickinson County Water Quality Commission Announces Recipients Of Its Latest Round Of Grants

Mon 1-4-2021

(Spirit Lake)-- The Dickinson County Water Quality Commission recently announced the recipients of its latest round of grant awards.

Among them is a project in Minnesota. The Jackson County Drainage Authority was awarded $75,000 for a restoration project involving some oxbow lakes. Other projects awarded funding include the Francis Sites Wetland project which will get $100,000; $100,000 was also awarded to Ducks Unlimited for land acquisition; $22,818 will go toward a shoreline restoration and protection project; $3,000 was awarded to the Spirit Lake Protective Association for watershed sampling; the Dickinson County Conservation Board was awarded a little more than $39,000 for land acquisition; and $30,000 will go to the Clean Water Alliance for staff and other activities.

A total of $370,000 in funding was awarded. The money will matched against state and federal funds for various water quality projects in Dickinson county's three watersheds.

This is the 19th year the Dickinson County Water Quality Commission has awarded grants.