Dickinson County Treasurer: Previously Extended Deadlines For Driver's Licenses Will Likely Run Out Soon

Mon 1-4-2021

(Spirit Lake)-- Some deadlines for driver's licenses that had been previously extended through proclamations from the Governor of disaster emergency due to the pandemic are likely about to run out. That word today (Monday) from Dickinson County Treasurer Kris Rowley...Extensions Expiring01 

"We are understanding that the Governor is not likely to extend the proclamation suspensions that have been happening over almost a full year now. So driver's licenses that expired last January 16th of 2020 and all through this proclamation through January 9th, 2021, so that would be next Saturday, will finally actually be expired. So people, if you had a license, a driver's license that expired during that time period and you haven't yet extended it or gotten it renewed, please contact my office. My driver's license station is 712-336-6277 and we can schedule you in for an appointment and we will take anyone that's in that situation as quickly as we can and get you get all caught back up. Because if it actually expires more than a year, you have to take the test."

Rowley estimates there are probably about 100 of those in Dickinson county that would be affected.

She says extensions for commercial driver's licenses and commercial learner's permits would also be affected...Extensions Expiring02 

"So if they expired on or after March 1st of 2020, so quite awhile ago, they are still considered valid until February 28th of 2021 for driving anywhere in the United States, and that's a federal law that had been extended for all these time periods during covid. Beginning March 1st of 2021, they will be subject to their, or subject to their printed expiration date if they're driving out of state. So just be aware of that, you really need to get those brought up to date, also."

Rowley says extensions for dealer-issued temporary tags will also revert back to their normal deadlines...Extensions Expiring03 

"Motor vehicles that were purchased from a dealer between September 1st of 2020 all the way through this Friday, January 8th of 2021, if they received a dealer issued temp tag on their vehicle, they can still use that for up to 90 days. That was extended, but that's going to be extending on January 8th. After that it's going to be the normal 45 days for that tag. If you get one next weekend, let's say you buy a car next weekend from the dealer, you'll be back to the regular 45 days that you can drive with a temp tag before you can get plates in my office. And again if you did buy a car, the law is still that you have 30 days that you initiate the plating process."

Because of staffing issues, Rowley says the Dickinson County Treasurer's Office will be closed between 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm through the end of the month for both the Motor Vehicle/Tax divisions and the Driver's License Office. The offices open for the day at 8:00 am Monday through Friday and close daily at 4:30 pm.