Dickinson County Treasurer Kris Rowley Gives Update On Declarations Issued By Governor And What They Mean For Property Tax Payment Deadline, Etc.

Fri 3-20-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- Governor Kim Reynolds has issued an additional State Public Health Emergency Declaration that provides additional regulatory relief to Iowans impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Dickinson County Treasurer Kris Rowley says one of the provisions in the new proclamation that most people will be interested pertains to the deadline for paying property taxes...Rowley Update01 

"So what's happened is you can make property tax payments through April 16th of 2020 without any penalty, late penalty, which is 1.5% of the taxes due. Normally it is due on March 31st without penalty, so it's now been extended out those 16 days. And we're hoping that will bring some relief to people and curb some of the anxiety about how to make ends meet when they have a big tax payment to also make."

Rowley reminds residents property taxes can be paid online, or payments can be dropped off in the Dickinson County Treasurer drop box outside the courthouse by the new April 16th deadline.

The proclamation also pertains to vehicle registrations as well as the purchase or transfer of a vehicle...Rowley Update02 

"During this time period, we'll say that the proclamation is extending through, you can go ahead and drive with those expired tags. You can still also renew them with my office by mail or online. We still have staff here in the office and we're still operating, so we can do that for you, too. But if for some reason you're not able to then we'll take care of it later. If you bought a car in this interval of time, you also will need to transfer that vehicle at some point but you don't need to worry about that until after we get through this disaster proclamation time period."

Rowley says you should, however, be sure to have the bill of sale and other paperwork in the vehicle. She adds that if you purchase a vehicle from a dealer, you will not be required to obtain license plates within 45 days. She says that also will remain in effect until after the declared disaster is over.

Rowley is also reminding residents of a March 17th proclamation signed by the Governor and how it affects driver's license renewals...Rowley Update03 

"For all those people that had licenses that the were intending to get renewed but didn't make it in time before our offices closed, because I think almost all the county courthouse Treasurer's Offices have closed now across the state, there may still be some ways to get it done through Ankeny, some of the state offices, but it's gotten to be much more difficult. You don't need to worry. You can still drive with your license. If it expired before January 16th, you may need to worry. But if it was from January 16th on, you don't need to worry. just carry it with you and when we get through all this then you'll be able to get it renewed just fine. If you have to fly in the meantime, TSA is also allowing people to fly with these licenses that are expired in this timeframe."

Rowley reminds everyone motor vehicle forms are available at and that property taxes and motor vehicle renewals can also be paid at