Dickinson County Supervisors Approve Pay Raises For Elected & Non-Elected Officials

Tue 12-17-2019

(Spirit Lake)-- The Dickinson County Board of Supervisors today (Tues.) approved three percent pay increases for both elected and non-elected employees for the upcoming fiscal year. It comes on the heels of a recommendation from the county's Compensation Board for a four percent raise for elected officials. Supervisor Kim Wermersen made the motion for the three percent increase...County Pay Raises 

"I attended the Compensation Board meeting, Steve, that they had. They represent all the different entities here at the courthouse. Their recommendation was a four percent increase, partly because we have to obviously be aware of the cost of living, but also we here in Dickinson county want to keep good employees. So what we have to look at as supervisors is what can we do that is a responsible increase and yet continually keep great employees, so we thought three percent was a reasonable amount for them to stay ahead of the cost of living. We here in Dickinson county are really blessed with a terrific benefit package for health insurance, and so we think that overrides some of the other increase so we're very comfortable, I think, with the three percent increase for our employees."

In other business, the supervisors continued a pre-classification hearing on a proposed project in drainage district 15 just south of Lake Park to 9:00 am January 28th.

There was also discussion during a continued public hearing on a proposed project in drainage district 50 on the north edge of Milford, east of the junctions of Highways 71 and 86. No formal objections have been presented so far on the proposed project. It has an estimated cost of about $292,775, which would be assessed to landowners in the district. The city of Milford alone would be responsible for nearly $62,000 of the cost because of its streets that drain into the district.

The supervisors also signed off on a letter being sent to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources regarding the findings of a consultant the county hired to do a study of the Dickinson County Landfill; and they authorized the County Attorney to draft a letter to the state court system denying them access to install some equipment in court room B. Dickinson county has reportedly been included in a pilot project by the state for the project, but county officials say they found out about it second hand and have learned the installation would be intrusive. The letter is denying the state access until it comes before the board of supervisors with detailed plans and information as to what exactly it wants to do. A contractor hired by the state to do the work was supposed to show up this Thursday at the Dickinson County Courthouse.