Dickinson County Supervisor Addresses Findings Of Recycling Survey

Thu 6-10-2021

(Spirit Lake)-- There's some new information when it comes to recycling in Dickinson county. Kim Wermersen represents the Board of Supervisors on the county's Landfill Commission. He informed fellow supervisors this week of the findings of a recently completed survey into recycling in Dickinson county...Wermersen & Recycling01 

"Our recycling options within the county were rated 3.1 out of 4. Obviously we had areas of growth and concern and things change, so we are trying to at least make a difference there. The ones that received the lowest marks, or the lowest one, is education. People just aren't educated enough about what we can do about recycling. That received a 2.3." 

Wermersen says there's also a need to expand recycling pickups to some areas where it currently isn't available...Wermersen & Recycling02 

"I receive calls from Cutty's, as well as even from Camp Foster who are looking for a provider to pick up their recyclables. So we're working towards options finding that out. But it needs to be better known of what's available."

Wermersen says there's also a need to educate visitors to the area...Wermersen & Recycling03 

"They come here they don't necessarily know what our recycling is, what's available to them, are there recycling opportunities at some of the resorts, so those are all things that we are looking at. The number one thing that keeps coming up though in importance whether it's in landfill or whether it's in recycling, is we need to at some point come up with biodegradable substances rather than plastic."

Wermersen says the commission will continue to look into ways to address those issues.