Dickinson County Public Health Officials say increase in COVID-19 Positivity rate due to more cases in Younger People

Fri 4-9-2021 2301 Hwy 71 South Spirit Lake, IA

(Spirit Lake)-Health Officials say recent increases in COVID-19 positivity rates in Dickinson County have prompted changes to the future of the Test Iowa Clinic at Lakes Regional Healthcare.

Previously, the clinic was scheduled to close on Friday, April 16.

Dickinson County Director of Population and Public Health Katy Burke says the site will remain open, but in a new location:

Katy Burke on new location 

"This will continue to be at the hospital, Lakes Regional Healthcare but it will go through Lakes Regional Family Medicine here, and that will be open Monday through Friday from 8 to 10 in the morning, so it'll be the same process of going to that Test Iowa website and bringing your barcodes, but just a little bit different place within the hospital."

She adds that the increased number of cases is especially prevalent in younger people:

Katy Burke on young people increase 

"We have seen an increase, a significant increase, in cases from age 18 to 29, so actually, they're making up a third of all of the cases that we're seeing in Dickinson County right now.  Part of that may be that UK Variant, that B117, that is more contagious, and we're just seeing that spreading a lot in that group and throughout our county.  So, there are some other precursors, nicer weather, people are out and about, it's been a year of covid time so, we're seeing some more lax behaviors, people want to be together and we understand that but we also would really encourage people to continue using those mitigation strategies.  They do work, social distancing, masking and hand washing.  

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