Dickinson County Property Tax Statements Will Have A Different Look To Them

Thu 8-1-2019

(Spirit Lake)-- Coming soon to a mailbox near you: your property tax statement.

And Dickinson County Treasurer Kris Rowley says you'll notice some changes in how they look. For one thing she says they'll be printed on legal-sized paper...Kris Rowley01 

"It's going to be easier to read. It's easier on the eye but also it's going to work better with our scanning equipment. The way that the stubs line up are going to be much more easier on the scanning end of things. And then one of the most exciting parts of it is also it's going to be easier to read if you do e-notices. Instead of having a paper tax statement, this year when you get your paper one, everyone will get a paper statement in the mail. Those paper statements will have an authorization code on them. Go to the website call and you can put in your unique code that will be printed on these tax statements and then you can actually put up an online account to look at tax statements and things like that. So if you have more than one parcel this will be great. You'll be able to pull of your tax statements, all of your parcel information, into one management code and then you can actually pay online really easily by clicking on a link to Iowa Tax and payment web. So lots and lots of ease for people that like to do things online."

Rowley says that will also help her office save on its budget...Kris Rowley02 

"Postage is one of the biggest expenditures my office has because we mail out all these different kinds of documents to people. The more we can cut down on postage the better that is for the budget in the long run."

Rowley says certain types of tax statements will still be printed in the letter-sized format without the paperless option. That includes mobile homes without decks or porches, utility tax statements and statements printed on demand in the office.

Rowley says property tax statements will likely start showing up in mailboxes over the next week or so.