Dickinson County Nature Center announces Spring Photo Contest

Fri 4-2-2021 22785 Nature Center Rd, Okoboji, IA

(Okoboji)-The Dickinson County Nature Center is accepting photos for their spring contest, KUOO's Becky Thoreson has details:

Dickinson County Nature Center announces Spring Photo Contest 

The Dickinson County Nature Center has announced that they are now accepting entries for their Spring Photo Contest.

Community Relations Coordinator Daria Mather explains.  "For photos we accept nature photos.  We try to keep it all natural, so no pets, no recreation necessarily.  You can take pictures of hiking but try to keep people out of it.  We want really natural, really beautiful photos.  We have all of our rules up online, but basically, you can submit 1 to 3 photos.  When you email those photos, they can be in 3 different formats which are listed online.  We just need the photographer's name, the location of the photo, the approximate date of when it was taken because we'd like those to be within the last year or so, and then the age of the photographer, because that's how our categories are broken down for judging, and then, city of residence, and a short caption of your photo."

She notes that the winning photos will be displayed at the Nature Center and online.  "We'll go through them and we'll judge them.  We may put some on facebook for community votes, so keep and eye out for that.  Once we have our winners, they'll go up on our website and we'll print the photos and hang them up on our photography wall here at the Nature Center."

The deadline for entry is May 1.

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