Dickinson County Courthouse Now Closed To The Public Until Further Notice

Tue 3-17-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- The Dickinson County Courthouse is now closed to the public. The closure took effect at Noon today (Tues.) and will remain in effect until further notice.

County officials say the action was taken out of concern over the spread of COVID-19.

County Treasurer Kris Rowley says while the courthouse is now closed to the public, county employees are continuing to work in their offices. She says however there will be a direct impact on driver's license operations...Courthouse Closure01 

"Driver's licenses is a little bit of a different animal because it requires a person to actually come for the most part. You can do some renewals on line, but for many of the services you have to be here in person and so a lot of the things that would prohibit people from doing things are going to be waived. So if you have an expired driver's license you'll be able to drive with that expired license for a period of time is what I'm hearing and also if you have expired plates you'll be able to drive for a period of time with those also and not worry about getting tickets or getting stopped. So those are some of the things the Governor is taking care of through her proclamation."

Rowley says those paying property taxes and vehicle registrations or renewals should do so on line, through the mail, or by using the drop box at the courthouse.

Rowley says the concern is with the volume of people that's been in the facility, her office in particular, just since yesterday (Mon.)...Courthouse Closure02 

"Yesterday in my office we had over 200 people here, maybe closer to 250 people. We had a lot of public here, and that's not safe for any of us right now while we're not sure what's going on with the coronavirus. We know in Iowa there has been community spread. We know here in the lakes area we get a lot of people that come from all over the place and now that their businesses are on hold and the schools have closed, we see them beginning to arrive now. So we just want to be as safe as possible and not contribute to anyone getting sick if that's at all possible."

Again, the Dickinson County Courthouse was closed to the public effective at Noon today with the closure to remain in place until further notice. Again, county employees continue to work in their offices, so anyone with questions should contact the appropriate office.