Dickinson County Conservation Board Awarded REAP Grant For Mill Creek Project

Fri 10-21-2016

(Milford)-- The Dickinson County Conservation Board has been awarded a $71,500 grant through the Resource Enhancement and Protection program, or REAP.

Lee Sorenson, Executive Director of the Dickinson County Conservation Board, tells KUOO news the grant will allow them to purchase 35-acres of land along Highway 71 just south of Milford through which Mill Creek flows...Mill Creek REAP Grant01 

"This will all be left as a wildlife area. There's some crop ground that we'll be re-planting in a couple years back to native prairie. Actually Mill Creek flow through that and we're talking about maybe a bike entrance and a canoe access there."

Sorenson says the project is intended to help improve water quality in the creek...Mill Creek REAP Grant02 

"We're in for the long term. We're trying to gain access to Mill Creek and the Little Sioux River just south of the watershed to keep the native grasses along the creek bed, to decrease the sunlight and make our water quality better."

Sorenson says it will also the Dickinson County Conservation Board to have more of a physical presence in that area of the county...Mill Creek REAP Grant03 

"Next spring we'll probably have a grand opening there and we would invite anyone interested to come out and take a walk through the new acquisition with us."

This REAP Grant is one of several that's been awarded to various projects in Dickinson county over the program's 27-year history.