Dickinson Co. Water Quality Commission Now Accepting Applications For Its Upcoming Grant Cycle

Wed 8-1-2018

(Spirit Lake)-- The Dickinson County Water Quality Commission today (Wed.) began accepting applications for its upcoming grant cycle. The application period runs through October 1st.

John Wills, Coordinator of the Clean Water Alliance, tells KUOO news who is eligible to apply...WQC Grant Apps01 

"Well non-profits are eligible or governmental entities are eligible as long as they're not part of the 28E agreement entity. Those are the two main groups that would be eligible to apply. We have had homeowner's associations that have proven that they are not profitable, or they're basically non-profit, but the easiest way to qualify is to just have a non-profit organization write the grant application."

Wills says the Water Quality Commission continues to get a lot of bang for the buck...WQC Grant Apps02 

"We're very proud of our record. We've been around since about 2003 and have granted out about $2.6 million worth of grants and have been very good at leveraging those dollars into about $26 million that have come back into Dickinson county and our watersheds over the same period of time, so about ten to one, ten dollars of leveraged dollars to every one dollar the Water Quality Commission provides."

Grant applications and more information can be found at the Clean Water Alliance website or by contacting Wills at 336-3782, Extension 3.