Dickinson Co. Treasurer's Office Reminds Everyone Of Vehicle Registration, Title Transfer Deadlines With Likely Expiration May 27th Of Governor's Proclamation That Had Previously Extended Them

Fri 5-22-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- The Dickinson County Treasurer's Office is issuing another notice in the likelihood of Governor Kim Reynolds' Proclamation of Public Health Disaster Emergency expiring this coming Wednesday, May 27th. Treasurer Kris Rowley says one reminder is for those needing to renew their vehicle registration...Vehicle Registration & Titling01 

"If you have a registration that was due in the end of January, by the end of February, by the end of March and by the end of April and by the end of May, you're going to not be charged late fees for any of those as long as the payment is made through June 30th, it will be without penalty. So that's one good thing. In my office we won't be taking appointments to take those payments. We're reserving the limited appointments that we'll have which is one per office, so one person at a time. June 3rd is our tentative opening date so once that date comes we'll be narrowing this down so we'll be reserving those for the more complex transfers of titles. So if you do have a renewal to pay you can pay it online, you can pay it by mail, you can pay it even by calling us up and giving us a credit card number or whatever on the phone. We can take that payment, or you can drop it in our drop box and then we'll mail you out the tags."

When it comes to vehicle title transfers for private sales, Rowley says vehicle purchases made between February 13th, 2020 through May 27th, 2020, may be subject to penalty if the transferred isn't made in a timely manner. Rowley says if you purchased a motor vehicle on or after February 13th, 2020, the title must be transferred by May 28th or a penalty will be added. She says those folks need to contact her office to get that process started. Rowley says you can make appointment and they can service you from the courthouse parking lot...Vehicle Registration & Titling02 

"If you call us and make an appointment for the parking lot, then we can help walk you through that by a series of dropping things through our drop box, the one that's labeled Dickinson County Treasurer, and then we take a look at all the documents and make sure they all look good and call you with what the price is going to be, and then we call you literally, in the parking lot and then you can walk the payment up to the drop box and then we finish the transaction and run the documents either out to the lobby people, the public can still enter this little area in the lobby and pick it up while we watch, or actually out to your car. And we've been doing that now for some time while we've been closed and that's worked, but we know there's a lot of people that we aren't aware of that are just waiting."

Rowley also reminds everyone motor vehicle forms are available online at and that property tax and motor vehicle renewal payments can be made at