Dickinson Co. Supervisors Vote To Pay Off Loan For Planning & Design Of Francis Sites Drainage Project

Tue 5-19-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- The Dickinson County Board of Supervisors voted today (Tues.) to pay off an $80,000 loan covering the cost of the planning and design of the Francis Sites drainage project. Supervisor Pam Jordan explained a portion of the money is being contributed by the city of Spirit Lake...SRF Loan01 

"To pay for planning and design of the project we needed to come up with the $80,000 and we went through the process of applying for this no interest loan from the State Revolving Loan Fund. So as you saw the city of Spirit Lake has reimbursed us to, or put up their $40,000 and we have $40,000 in the budget to pay it off and we feel that is the right thing to do."

Jordan added they're looking at having the project done in two phases...SRF Loan02 

"The first division would be for the structures that are closest to the road that would provide the outlet for the wetland. That could be accomplished yet this calendar year, and especially if we went for bid in June and started construction. So that would be division one. Division two is the actual construction of the wetland which is eight acres at a certain depth and a lot of laying bare of the ground."

In addition to helping prevent erosion issues if the project was done all at once, Jordan says doing the project in phases would also help from a financial standpoint. She says as of now they have about $650,000 on hand for the project, which is expected to have a price tag of a little more than a million dollars.