Dickinson Co. Supervisors Vote To End Engineer Sharing Arrangement With Osceola County; Hear Update On Endowment Fund

Tue 11-3-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- Dickinson county supervisors say they want the county's engineer back working full time in Dickinson county, and they passed a motion to that affect at today's (Tues.) meeting. Dan Eckert has been working part-time in Osceola county the past several months while that county continues to look for a new engineer. Supervisor Kim Wermersen today (Tues.) said it's time that arrangement comes to an end...Supervisors110301 

"I believe we've been a good neighbor to Osceola county. He's been serving over there for four months. But we also have to look at the wellbeing of our employees and the needs we have here in Dickinson county. I personally think it's time that we bring him back to Dickinson county full time. There are four other counties that are neighbors to Osceola that they could actually pitch in I guess as well. But I think we've certainly reached out as a good neighbor to them, but I think we have to look at our workload, the health of our employees, all those different things because there are folks in and out. We have to consider all of that."

The motion to terminate the arrangement effective at the end of this month was approved unanimously.

In other business, the supervisors heard an update from Ann Ditsworth representing the Dickinson County Endowment Fund...Supervisors110302 

"We've given back to the county over $1.4 million. These are revenues that the state receives from gaming, and we've also received private donations to the Endowment Fund over the years that have been granted out. We have both a granting fund and a permanent endowment fund that we manage through the Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines. They do all of the investments and provide us with quarterly reports. You can see we've done in 15 years of grant making over $1.4 million out to Dickinson county. We always have that big focus of making sure, well number one our advisory council is made up of people from all of the communities. We try to have broad representation rural and city and professional, different professions."

The supervisors also today (Tues.) approved a bridge replacement project on 140th Street west of Montgomery. The D.O.T will hold a bidletting on it February 16th, 2021.