Dickinson Co. Supervisors Vote To Apply For $1.05 M In Federal Funds To Improve County Road M-27 From Hwy 9 To Lake Park

Tue 3-17-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- The Dickinson County Board of Supervisors this (Tues.) morning vote to apply for $1.05 million in federal funding to re-build County Road M-27 from just north of the intersection at Highway 9 north into the city of Lake Park.

County Engineer Dan Eckert told the Supervisors he's been in talks with the city of Lake Park, which plans to take over jurisdiction of the road once the improvements have been made...M27 Discussion01 

"What I proposed to them is if we do the engineering and we pay 50 percent representing the unincorporated folks, if we could get the remaining paving material that we don't use and crush for sub base and if Lake Park would take over the future maintenance of all of M-27, it would seem like a reasonable agreement."

Lake Park Mayor Matt Carstensen expressed the city's concern over the road's current condition...M27 Discussion02 

"Currently at this point that road's not in good shape. Plain and simple. Anybody's that traveled that road knows it's not in good shape. Also currently at this point the original road bed is still down there so that's probably going to be part of the removal cost or additional. So not only was there a six inch overlay but at one time it had shoulders. Those were ground off, the road has extended beyond that so there's just a multitude of things, you know, leading to its decay."

Eckert says under the agreement, the city and county would each pay $225,000 toward the project, but he said it's questionable whether they'll be able to land the entire $1.05 million in federal funding. Eckert said it's entirely possible the city and county will have to come up with additional funding should that be the case.

If things go accordingly, Eckert says the project would be done in 2024.