Dickinson Co. Supervisors Set June 3rd As Possible Date For Phase 1 Reopening Of Courthouse; Discuss Road Issues

Tue 5-12-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- The Dickinson County Board of Supervisors today (Tues.) tentatively set June 3rd as the date to re-open the courthouse under phase 1 of a three-phase re-opening. The 1st phase involves heavy limitations as to who can come into the building when it comes to the general public. Supervisor Chairman Bill Leopold questioned at what point the facility would be made completely off limits again if someone was to test positive for COVID-19 in the courthouse. Supervisor Steve Clark said he doesn't think any numbers should be placed on that...Supervisors01 

"We can't jump scared at one person coming down with it because we'll have no idea where they've been in the meantime, if they open the state back up who they've been in contact with. You know it's a really tough call."

Fellow supervisors echoed Clark's comment. The June 3rd phase one re-opening is contingent upon no major changes in the county's caseload of COVID-19.

In other business, the supervisors heard another request for the county to pave a portion of 230th Street southwest of Milford...Supervisors02 

"You've got a totally different dynamic going on on that short leg of road from some of these others. You've got operating businesses that are out there trying to survive and if there's a priority in the scheme of things for the dollars that get allocated, I would think 32 operating businesses mean something."

The supervisors took no action on the matter today but agreed to continue to look into the matter.

There was also discussion over the condition of 165th Street on the south side of Center Lake, west of Kwik Star. The county and the city of Spirit Lake have jurisdiction along certain stretches of the road in that area. Supervisor Kim Wermersen said most of the complaints he's getting involve the section of road outside of the county's jurisdiction...Supervisors03 

"The biggest complaint comes from the turn-off at Kwik Star, obviously, down past Ferguson's development which is Spirit Lake. And so I hope we can encourage them to be part of that because that's the biggest area of complaints that I'm hearing as well. And so a lot of people because that's tied to a county road think that's our jurisdiction, but it's actually Spirit Lake. I think we've just got to continue to work with Spirit Lake to see if they can't step up and take care of that section of road."

No action was taken on that matter by the supervisors.

The supervisors did pass a motion formally cancelling Memorial Day Services and flag displays on the courthouse lawn for this year due to COVID-19.