Dickinson Co. Supervisors Review Preliminary Engineering Reports For Proposed Projects In Drainage Districts 15, 48 And 50

Tue 10-8-2019

(Spirit Lake)-- Public hearings on preliminary engineering reports for proposed projects in several drainage districts highlighted today's (Tues.) Dickinson County Board of Supervisors meeting.

The first was for Drainage District 15 just south of Lake Park. Several letters expressing opposition to proposed improvements were read into the record. After hearing from some landowners and reviewing options, the supervisors voted to continue the hearing and to proceed with a preclassification report to get a better break down on costs for each landowner that would be affected. That information will be presented at 9:00 am December 17th at the Supervisors meeting.

The next one was for Drainage District 48, on the northwest side of the city of Spirit Lake between roughly Hill Avenue to just west of Peoria Avenue. The supervisors approved a preliminary engineering report for that project, decided to proceed with a project that includes a detention pond to address water quality in East Lake Okoboji, where the district empties into. It was approved contingent upon an agreement being reached to acquire land for the pond and that funding for the pond come from grants and other resources instead of being assessed to landowners.

The third was for Drainage District 50 on the north side of Milford. That project has a total estimated cost of nearly $293,000, or a little more than $7,300 per acre. The supervisors continued the hearing on that potential project and ordered a preclassification to get a better breakdown on cost assessments for property owners that would be affected. That hearing will resume at 10:00 am at the December 17th meeting of the Board of Supervisors.