Dickinson Co. Supervisors Hold Hearing On Manure Management Plan Amendment

Tue 4-25-2017

(Spirit Lake)-- A public hearing on an amended manure management plan for the application of 3,900 gallons of hog manure per acre on an additional 80 acres of land about two miles southeast of Terril was held at this (Tues.) morning's Dickinson County Board of Supervisors meeting. The manure would be transported to the site from an existing confinement in Palo Alto county. That facility, along with the land on which the manure is to be applied, are owned by New Fashion Pork.

While counties are not required to hold public hearings on manure management plan applications, Dickinson county has adopted a policy under which it does hold hearings, out of a courtesy to let neighboring landowners know what's being proposed.

The county has three options regarding the plans. They can send a letter to the DNR recommending approval or denial, or take a neutral stance. Several, like this woman who spoke this morning, called on the supervisors to continue to take a stand of resistance...Manure Concerns01 

"We have a place where our tourist industry is so important and until we thoroughly investigate this I don't think we should do it."

But Assistant County Attorney Lonnie Saunders told the crowd the county's hands are tied on the matter by state law. He says the county, on numerous other occasions, have sent letters expressing those concerns...Manure Concerns02 

"While we've gotten minimal response back from the state, the response has basically said we aren't going to listen to you. It's been very frustrating and Dickinson county has probably led the fight against the pork plans and manure management plans more so than any other county that I'm aware of. A lot of counties welcome these things, and I understand why we don't and we shouldn't. But until the laws in Des Moines change I'm sorry to tell you I don't think it's going to do us any good to keep tilting at these windmills because it just isn't going anywhere."

The supervisors took no official action either way on the manure management plan, opting to take a neutral position on it, saying they have no research on this specific site on which to substantiate writing a letter expressing any concern or opposition.