Dickinson Co. Supervisors Hear Update From NW Iowa Housing Trust Fund; Table Action On DD31 Improvement Project

Tue 9-1-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- The Dickinson County Board of Supervisors today (Tue.) heard an update on programs from the Northwest Iowa Regional Housing Trust. Spokeswoman Kristin Larson told the supervisors they continue to offer a number of programs to income eligible homeowners to assist with various improvements...Kristin Larson01 

"Depending on the level of income, you could be eligible for a grant that you don't have to pay back, up to $7,500. If you make a little bit more and you fall in that 30 to 80 percent of the average median income, you can potentially qualify for a maximum of $22,500 in assistance. So a third of that is going to be in the form of a grant, and then two-thirds of that is in a re-payable loan. Right now we have it re-payable seven and-a-half years at two percent."

Larson says a number of eligible homeowners in Dickinson county have taken advantage of the program over the past four years...Kristin Larson02 

"Just with owner-occupied alone, Dickinson county has assisted homeowners over $155,000 worth."

Larson added cities in the county can also tap into the funds to assist with the demolition of dilapidated structures. She added the Trust will soon be putting together another application for grant funding from the Iowa Finance Authority...Kristin Larson03 

"Every October we have to write another grant so we can get funding from IFA, and there is a 25 percent local match. Every county does kick in some money and it's divided per capita. So for the FY '21 we will be asking Dickinson county to pledge $7,189."

The supervisors voted unanimously to approve that request for funding.

In other business, they tabled approval of plans and specifications for an improvement project in Drainage District 31, which is near the ethanol plant in Superior, saying they want to consult first with a drainage attorney to get some legal questions answered; they were updated on the next steps for re-financing a bond for the hospital that will result in a savings of interest of some $672,000; and they heard an update on the census return rate. Dickinson county remains last in the state but it was reported at today's meeting the county's rate of return improved by 1.2 percent over the past week.