Dickinson Co. Supervisors Hear Update From New Owner Of Three Waters Wind Farm Project

Tue 10-6-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- The Dickinson County Board of Supervisors today (Tues.) heard an update from the new owner of a wind farm project. As we reported previously, NextEra Energy recently acquired the Three Waters Wind Farm from Scout Clean Energy, which has turbines in Dickinson, Jackson and Osceola counties. Danielle Herzig, a project manager for NextEra, told the supervisors their planned expansion is for Dickinson and Jackson counties...NextEra Update01 

"It's going to be about a $300 million capital investment, as I said, up to 280 megawatts which is enough electricity to power about 85,000 homes. It will be up to 100 modern wind turbines. We're modeling 2.8 megawatt machines as well as 3.0 megawatt machines, all GE. And as I said commercial operation is targeted for 2023. We'll also include new roads, underground electrical cables, a substation and an O and M building."

She says they're planning to connect to the grid through a large substation near Lakefield...NextEra Update02 

"We have a very unique opportunity here because our customer is Great River Energy and the point of interconnection which is in Jackson county, Minnesota has surplus capacity so that's a really big win for us that a lot of people in this region don't get an opportunity so that means they overbuilt that substation, that point of interconnection, so it's not really putting additional power on the grid. So it's a much smoother process for us."

Herzig added they are in the process of visiting with landowners and going through the permitting processes in both states, along with conducting various environmental studies.