Dickinson Co. Supervisors Hear Engineer's Report For DD 23; Hold Public Hearing On Maximum Levy

Tue 2-23-2021

(Spirit Lake)-- The Dickinson County Board of Supervisors this (Tues.) morning held a public hearing on the preliminary engineer's report for a tile repair on a couple of branches in Drainage District 23. Several landowners expressed concern over estimated costs on the project. Supervisor Steve Clark said he would like to see the entire district re-classified prior to any work actually being done...Supervisors Feb 23 01 

"Then we wouldn't be re-classifying this branch and then somebody else wants to do something and then pay to have the engineering done again. I just felt that re-classification in the total district before we do any work, because it's been so long and the formulation has changed in how they assess the cost per acre out, is a more fair way to do it."

The supervisors voted 4 to nothing in favor of reclassifying the entire district.

They also voted 4 to nothing to proceed in getting bids for the tile repair. Supervisor Chair Bill Leupold, who owns land in the district, recused himself from voting on both motions.

In other business, a public hearing on the county's maximum levy for the upcoming budget was also held. County Auditor Lori Pedersen said it's the result of legislation adopted a few years ago intended to add a layer of transparency to the budgeting process...Supervisors Feb 23 02 

"Counties and cities, it only applies to counties and cities, are required to have a public hearing prior to adoption of their budget, just to show what their max levy is going to be and the additional dollars that the valuations has generated. If it's over two percent of what it was the prior year, and we're only talking the General Levy and the Rural Levy, then you have to pass by super majority, by the Board of Supervisors, the max dollar amounts. Ours did, I mean the general, even though we kept the General Levy the same as last year and the rural the same, the general, the proposed changes would be 4.85 percent, so that's 2.85, over the two percent, and then the rural is 3.54."

Today's (Tues.) hearing drew no public comments.

The supervisors also reviewed plans to renovate their meeting space. Supervisor Tim Fairchild said not only would it accommodate for social distancing among board members, but it would also improve safety...Supervisors 23 03 

"I just think the way the world is right now, I don't think it's a bad idea to have one more line in between there and your audience sometimes. I don't know if it's this board so much. Some of these get pretty crazy. I mean I've been to some them where I'm real nervous. Not for this board, for another board, of volunteers."

The supervisors will officially act on the plans and specifications at their meeting next week.