Dickinson Co Supervisors Discuss Francis Sites LID Maintenance; Set Public Hearing For Sale Of County-Owned Building

Tue 12-4-2018

(Spirit Lake)-- The Dickinson County Board of Supervisors this (Tues.) morning discussed a proposed agreement with the Dickinson County Conservation Board to oversee maintenance of low impact development features that will be associated with a project in the Francis Sites area. Supervisor Mardi Allen addressed the board through a telephone hookup. She said it's the result of a new rule requiring entities who apply for funding through the Water Quality Commission to prove they have the means to maintain the projects once they're initially completed...Grant Maintenance 

"Not only do we put the $84,000 a year in to grant out and give the grant, so to require maintenance of those particular grants that we approve through the Water Quality Commission, it makes sense to spend the money both at the county level, and make the cities and whoever else, DNR or whoever else, is getting those grants from the Water Quality Commission, to spend money to maintain them."

When it comes to the Francis Sites project, Allen said the county needs to secure an agreement with the city of Spirit Lake, which also has jurisdiction in that area, to help share the maintenance cost.

The supervisors took no formal action on the agreement with the Conservation Board, saying they wanted to have something in writing first.

The supervisors also this (Tues.) morning set December 18th as the date for a public hearing on a proposal to sell the former DHS building at 1710 Gary Avenue in Spirit Lake to Hope Haven for $150,000.