Dickinson Co. Supervisors Considering A Resolution That Would Deem All Businesses In The County As Essential

Tue 6-8-2021

(Spirit Lake)-- Dickinson county supervisors are considering a resolution that in effect would classify all businesses in the county as essential in the event of another public health emergency. A resident advocating for the resolution pressed her case at this (Tues.) morning's meeting...Supervisors060801 

"We should never say that somebody else's choice of livelihood, somebody else's ability to feed their family, pay their mortgage, pay their employees is less important than someone else's."

Supervisor Kim Wermersen empathized with the argument, but said it's technically out of the hands of local officials...Supervisors060802 

"We can approve this and as I understand it, originally the essential system was set up by Homeland Security which the state determines. You're correct. Back in February had we said masks weren't mandatory and they said they were, that supercedes us. So I think your fight needs to be with the state. You need to go put this before the state."

The board opted to table any action on the matter and will consider it further June 29th.