Dickinson Co. Supervisors Concerned Over Potential Impact Steel Prices May Have On Some Planned Upcoming Bridge Strengthening Projects

Tue 5-4-2021

(Spirit Lake)-- Dickinson county is planning to move ahead with several bridge strengthening projects, for now at least. They directed County Engineer Dan Eckert to continue to put together plans and specifications for the projects, and to continue toward a bid letting. Significant increases recently in the price of steel, however, are causing concern as to whether or not the projects will actually get done anytime soon. Eckert told the supervisors roughly $400,000 to $500,000 has been budgeted for the work with roughly $250,000 of that in steel cost. But he says that's likely to be higher now...Eckert & Steel prices 

"They're saying 30 to 60 percent increase. I think steel's actually been worse; re-bar has been a little better I'm told. So say 40 percent increase on 250, that's $100,000 maybe we're going to pay more than if we would have let it in November type thing. Those are ball park numbers, of course."

The supervisors indicated they'll consider further as to whether or not to proceed with construction depending upon how the actual bids come in.