Dickinson Co. Supervisors Approve Grant Application For Phase 2 Of Francis Sites Drainage Project

Tue 10-6-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- The Dickinson County Board of Supervisors today (Tues.) signed off on another grant application for the Francis Sites drainage project. John Wills of the Cleanwater Alliance told the board this will be the second attempt at applying for some federal funding for the second phase of that project...Francis Sites Project Grants01 

"Right now we have about $300,000 towards completion of phase two which would be the wetland creation itself. That cost is about $500,000, $530,00, so this grant would be about $275,000 of funding towards phase two for the project."

Wills said he's also applying for funding from the Dickinson County Water Quality Commission...Francis Sites Project Grants02 

"It would be a third grant for $100,000 so if we don't receive this RCCP Grant, which, I'm just going to say it's kind of a long shot that we'll actually get this grant based on the comments they gave us. But I'm kind of one of those guys that says nothing ventured nothing gained. A minimum request for this RCCP Grant is $250,000, we're making it for $275,000 so I'm hoping that maybe there's a few crumbs out there. I believe they have $117 million total for nationwide to provide for this type of grant."

Wills also reported that work on the first phase of the Francis Sites project is now underway.

The supervisors also today (Tues.) approved signing off on another grant related to water quality. Wills says this one is for $100,000 for a study for the Little Sioux River Watershed Management Authority, of which Dickinson county is a member...Francis Sites Project Grants03 

"We've got a lot of planning for the Iowa Great Lakes. We've got some planning on Silver Lake, but we have almost planning and no understanding of the Little Sioux portion of that Watershed Management Authority. So I would anticipate a good portion of this funding if we're successful would move towards doing research and identifying priority areas within the Little Sioux and then coalescing, collating all of that information into three separate areas into one document that identify priority areas within the Little Sioux Headwaters Coalition area."

Wills says this would be the second attempt at applying for that funding as well.