Dickinson Co. Supervisors Adopt Resolutions Pertaining To Various Recreational Trail Projects

Tue 3-10-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- The Dickinson County Board of Supervisors this (Tues.) morning approved three different resolutions, all of them pertaining to various recreational trail projects. Erin Reed of the Dickinson County Trails says one of them pertains to the first phase of a project that would connect with a trail from Clay county...Trail Resolutions01 

"Well the Clay County Connection is part of the Iowa Great Lakes Connection Trail and it spans 135 miles from Carroll, Iowa all the way up to the Iowa Great Lakes and this is our first attempt to get funding for our connection down to Clay county. As you may be aware they are working their way up to the Dickinson county line and they're getting very close, they're about 3/4 of a mile away from having funding for getting to the county line, so. Any idea on how, what route that would take and what the timeframe would be? We're looking at Highway 71 as far as the right-of-way goes, or old Highway 71 where we can connect directly to our trail down at the south end of Milford and with the TAP Grant that we're applying for this month, it would be four years out before we got funding for that, so this will offer us some time to kind of look at what program we want to go with as far as where we want to place the trail and how we're going to manage that."

Another resolution adopted this (Tues.) morning pertains to the fourth phase of the Tatonka Ska Trace project along former railroad of right-of-way between Spirit Lake and Lake Park...Trail Resolutions02 

"We already have $221,000 in federal funding for that project. We're going to get out to Highway 86 with the trail this summer and then we plan next summer to go from Highway 86 to Montgomery, that's an additional 1.15 miles, and our goal to get to Lake Park as soon as possible in the next couple of years we hope. That resolution just coincides with that grant."

The supervisors also today (Tues.) approved a purchase agreement with the Landings Homeowner's Association. Reed says that will accommodate a project to extend a trail on the northwest side of West Lake Okoboji, near Cutty's...Trail Resolutions03 

"That was part of a thing we worked out with The Landings Homeowner's Association. They own kind of a strange piece of land that they don't do anything with on the corner of Highway 86 and 155th Street, and so we approached them with the idea that, you know, we either to get an easement or would you be willing to sell the property to us. They don't use the property so they looked at it as a chance to do something for the trails and they offered it at a much reduced price, so."

The $3,000 needed for the acquisition of that land has been donated to the county by a member of the homeowner's association.