Dickinson Co. Public Health Officials Say They're Continuing To Process Info. From Covid Vaccine Questionnaires

Thu 2-11-2021

(Spirit Lake)-- Officials with Dickinson County Public Health say they're getting calls from people who have completed an online COVID-19 vaccination questionnaire, wondering if the agency has received it. Dickinson County Public Health officials say more than 3,200 people have completed the questionnaire, and that hundreds more have called in to be place on a waiting list.

In a press release, the agency's Katy Burke says they have a very small staff and are having challenges in processing the information in order to be able to tell people where they're at on the list. She says those people will eventually be contacted. Burke says nearly 100 people a day are completing the questionnaire.

As of right now Dickinson County continues to administer vaccine to those in the Phase 1B Tier 1 group. Burke says the priority now is shifting to those 65 and over with conditions predisposing them to bad outcomes from COVID-19.

Over 1,600 doses of vaccine have been administered so far in Dickinson county. 475 have completed their vaccination series.