Dickinson Co. Public Health Official Gives Update On Local COVID Trends & Vaccinations

Wed 1-6-2021

(Spirit Lake)-- After being on a downward trend recently, the number of coronavirus cases in Dickinson county is headed back up. That word today (Wed.) from Katy Burke of Dickinson County Public Health...Burke Update01 

"We have seen an increase in our rates. We did see a bit of a dip there for awhile there but they are going back up and so that may be a combination of, you know, holidays and as  we get closer to vaccine. It's just been a long road. But we have seen our numbers go up a bit."

She says Dickinson county's positivity rate for the past seven days is now at 18 percent. It had been at 16 percent.

When it comes to vaccinations, Burke says good progress has been made over the past couple of weeks in getting it administered to Phase 1A, the first priority group...Burke Update03 

"We've been able to vaccinate over 500 healthcare workers in our county since December 22nd, so we're really excited about that. We're waiting for Iowa Department of Public Health to release the priority groups for phase 1B and phase 1C. We are thinking, looking at CDC, that phase 1B will include critical infrastructure and potentially the 75 and up population, but we're waiting for that verification from Iowa Department of Public Health as far as what that looks like in Iowa."

Burke says Dickinson county has pretty much used up its first allocation of the Moderna vaccine. She says they're expecting an additional 200 doses to arrive next week.

Burke adds they're very pleased with the interest they've been seeing in the vaccine from the general population...Burke Update04 

"We're glad that the community is being very proactive and interested in what's going on with the vaccine and we will be certain to share updates as to when we get to open phase 1B and phase 1C to the public through social media, through channels like KUOO and newspapers and press releases and then we're also looking at creating an online sign up sheet as well for people to express their interest in getting the vaccine so that may help us a lot when we begin to schedule clinics for those later groups."

In the meantime, she says patience is going to be the name of the game.