Dickinson Co. Officials Still Urging Everyone To Use Alternative Means To Conduct Business Even Though Courthouse Is About To Enter 2nd Phase Of Re-Opening

Thu 7-9-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- Even though the Dickinson County Courthouse will be moving into the second phase of its re-opening effective this coming Monday, July 13th, entry to the facility will still be greatly limited. As a result, county officials are still highly urging anyone with business to conduct to continue to do through alternative means. Dickinson County Treasurer Kris Rowley says with her office in particular conducting business face-to-face is still going to be very difficult to do because of the social distancing restrictions...Phase 2 Reopening01 

"We really want to avoid having people coming to the courthouse and lining up. That's not safe. And chances are if the line is long we won't have enough hours in the day to take care of you. We can take care of you right now through all the ways that we've been doing the last couple of months. It's been working really well."

That will also be the case with the driver's license station which will continue to be open only by appointment...Phase 2 Reopening02 

"We already are scheduled way out into August and so if people come, just drop by, they probably won't have any chance of getting in unless somebody happened to cancel right at the moment they walked in, and that's a pretty slim chance. So they need to call and make an appointment. We'll just keep moving people through. A lot of people can renew online, so we're asking people to check that out. Go to the Department of Transportation's website and check out the online digital website and see if that works. That's a really good opportunity for people. They can also get a six month extension still and that can be done through the state's Department of Transportation website."

Rowley says those needing title transfers for purchased vehicles should call her office at 336-1205 for instructions. She says vehicle renewals can be handled on line or by utilizing the office's drop box on the west side of the courthouse. The same is true for property tax payments...Phase 2 Reopening03 

"We still are collecting the March payments which seems kind of strange because here we are in July. But they can still be paid through July 27th without penalty if you haven't paid already. We've gotten the bulk of the property taxes in already so we're in very, very good shape. But there's some that still have felt the stress of business closures. A lot of businesses that operate during the summer months mainly, that's been hard of them. And so the Governor's proclamation is helping them find that extra time to get the money and pay them without having any additional penalty. And when September comes we're asking the public to remember COVID is still going to be in the area. Social distancing is still going to be really important for everyone's safety and health, and we just want to make sure people realize they can pay in all kinds of other ways, that we can help them on the phone, we can help them through email, they can pay online, they can pay through our drop box, they can pay through the mail. So lots and lots of ways to take care of people and make sure things get done."

Rowley says under phase two of reopening, her office will be limited to serving two people in both the Treasurer's Office and the Driver's license station at the same time.