Dickinson Co. Endowment Fund Now Accepting Applications For 2019 Grant Cycle

Mon 5-13-2019

(Spirit Lake)-- The Dickinson County Endowment Fund is now accepting applications for their 2019 grant cycle. Advisor Ann Ditsworth says about $94,000 will be available for grants this year in a number of areas...DCEF Apps01 

"Conservation, family services, natural resources, transportation, economic development, housing, recreation, and youth services. And those dollars come to us each year. This year we'll have around $94,000 able to be given toward great community projects."

Ditsworth says application forms are available at She says the application deadline is this coming June 30th...DCEF Apps02 

"Non-profit organizations that serve and exist in Dickinson county can apply. If they do not have the 501C3 status they can work with an entity that does and have them be their fiscal agent. So great opportunity for just great organizations serving our communities."

Over it's 13 years of being in existence, the Dickinson County Endowment Fund has awarded a little more that $1.22 million to 335 projects throughout Dickinson county in partnership with 87 non-profit organizations.