Dickinson Co. Continues With Plans For 1st Phase Reopening Of Courthouse, Tentatively Set For June 3rd

Fri 5-15-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- As we reported earlier this week, the Dickinson County Courthouse is tentatively set to re-open to the public on an extremely limited basis June 3rd, in accordance with the first phase of a three-phase plan. Board of Supervisors Chairman Bill Leupold outlined some additional details during their meeting Tuesday...Leupold & Cthouse reopening 

"We've given the department heads leeway as to when they call their at-home workers back to the courthouse. If they need to take a week to do that, that's fine. If it's only two days, that's fine. We also discussed the purchase of a scanner which is a device you look in and it tells you what your temperature is. We think that will help people not having to get close to visitors and sticking a thermometer in their ear."

Leupold again emphasized the June 3rd limited re-opening is highly dependent upon what might be going on with the county's COVID-19 caseload at the time.