Dickinson Co. Conservation Board Purchases Brooks National Golf Club Thanks To $3 Million Anonymous Donation

Fri 3-8-2019

(Okoboji)-- An iconic golf course in the Iowa Great Lakes has been sold. The Dickinson County Conservation Board announced this (Fri.) morning it has purchased Brooks National Golf Club in Okoboji. Lee Sorenson, Executive Director of the Dickinson County Conservation Board, tells KUOO news it was made possible through an anonymous three million dollar donation the board received...Brooks Acquisition01 

"We kind of did some long range planning awhile ago and the Brooks Golf Course came for sale, and graciously a donor stepped up and anonymously gave our Conservation Foundation the donation with the contingent that we purchase Brooks Golf Course. So we're really excited and think this is going to be a wonderful addition."

Sorenson says the acquisition of the 230 acres by the Conservation Board makes sense for several reasons...Brooks Acquisition02 

"They were really selling that as a development piece of property. Our goals and our donor goal was really kind of to keep green space and so that really was what pushed the acquisition is to keep green space available in the Okoboji area."

Sorenson says they're working with the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation on a conservation easement that will be placed on the land to protect it from development in perpetuity. The Dickinson County Nature Center and Kenue Park adjoin the golf course property to the west.

Sorenson says their long term plans for the golf course are uncertain as of right now...Brooks Acquisition03 

"We're actually currently working on an agreement with the current management team to try to keep the golf course in operation atleast until the end of the year and throughout the summer. We're actually going to be looking to take some public comments and stuff to see if the golf course is going to stay or if there's going to be other plans in the future for that property."

Possession of the golf course, pro shop, restaurant and maintenance structures was transferred to the Dickinson County Conservation Board today (Fri.).