Dickinson Co. Conservation Bd. Votes To Keep Brooks Golf As Golf Course

Thu 7-11-2019

(Okoboji)-- Brooks Golf is going to remain a golf course.

It's the result of action taken at a meeting Wednesday evening of the Dickinson County Conservation Board. Spokesperson Kiley Roth explains what happens next...Brooks Decision01 

"So the next point is to go through a request for proposals from management companies. We will be finishing up the terms of the lease for the request for proposals this month and then the Conservation Board also needs to discuss the length of the lease and the number of holes, and then that will be put out for management companies to submit bids and what their plan is for the course in the future and then the Conservation Board will review those proposals and have a point system to rank them with the hope of establishing a contract by the end of 2019."

Roth says the board based it's decision on public input, including that given during a public meeting last month...Brooks Decision02 

"You know we got a lot of public input and had a great public meeting here at the Nature Center in June and I just think they took everything into consideration. They read through all the comments that we received and the comments from the public meeting. We did get a variety of comments but they just wanted to make sure that they were going with what the community wanted and it seemed like the community was real interested in keeping the golf course."

The Dickinson County Conservation Board took ownership of Brooks Golf in March when an anonymous $3 million donation was given to the Conservation Foundation of Dickinson County, the non-profit fundraising arm of the conservation board, to purchase the course. A stipulation was put in place protecting the land from ever being developed. The board is working with the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation on an easement to that effect, which they hope to have in place by this coming November.