Democratic Presidential Hopeful Pete Buttigieg Brings Campaign To NW Iowa

Mon 11-4-2019

(Spencer)-- Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg held a townhall meeting today (Mon.) in Spencer. Buttigieg told a large crowd at the Spencer YMCA climate change and restoring America's credibility abroad would be among his priorities if elected...Buttigieg01 

"Protecting our country means protecting our future which is why we've got to lead the world in dealing with climate change as a global security threat of our time. That's international security, too. It goes with what we need to do abroad, making sure we recognize protecting our country, it means protecting our country's credibility, protecting the honor of our soldiers and that means making sure that noone would ever question, no would be ally would ever question whether it is worth betting your life on the credibility and trustworthiness of the United States of America."

Buttigieg said it's also important a sense of belonging be restored along with unifying a deeply divided country...Buttigieg02 

"Imagine what the American presidency can do if it is intentionally used to build up a sense of belonging in this country. This is what the presidency is for, the purpose of the presidency. Not for the glorification of the President but for the unification and empowerment of the american people and a shared sense of belonging and a restored sense of purpose. That is why I'm asking you to caucus for me on February 3rd."

Healthcare, prescription drug prices, and education were other issues Buttigieg commented on.